Thursday, May 28, 2015


Movie Stars

Movie stars, cars, and candy bars are words that
closely and rightfully rhyme!
I am a movie star who eats my candy bar in a
car, but the car is not rightfully mine!

I stole it, as you have seen, from Norma Jean!
Who gave it to Cary Grant who sent it to Adam Ant!
The rock star gave it to me, it is not 
rightfully mine as you can see.

But who is to know if I'm telling a lie?
For movie stars are more than often high.
Many of them die in this very sad way,
And they can no longer come out to play.

I am left, alone, eating this candy bar in a car!
For I am a rusty, retired, old movie star.

by Danielle Raspberry Levin


Love Triangle Between Inanimate Objects

Joey, the typewriter, and Flowie, the telephone, met at 
a grocery store while taking a bite of the same juicy pear.
Joey, the he, and Flowie, the she, moved into the same
office and soon had a very tumultuous love affair.

Mowie the shoe, the boss of the two, did not
approve of their childish love.
A typewriter and a telelphone are not a good couple,
he learned from his mother, the glove.

However, Joey made Flowie's body "ring-ring" a special
And, Flowie made Joey's hand "print-print" everything he

Flowie was constantly calling Joey, whose tape was then
alphabetized all day.
Joey was constantly writing to Flowie, whose buttons were pressed 
in a numberized way.

One fine day, Mowie got a crush on Flowie - Oh no!
Joey, his lovesick foey, was too blinded by Flowie to see so!

Mowie, the shoe, tracked in some mud!
He walked all over Joey with a big giant thud!

The next day, Mowie made a footprint on Flowie's 
communicating heart!
Her true dial tone had secretly been with her boss,
right from the start!

by Danielle Raspberry Levin


I am a Bird!

                  in                                                 and
            up         the                                free          flying
    am                        sky!              ing                              high
I                                         Feel                                                 !

by Danielle Raspberry Levin


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